Pope Costume

Nun, Priest and Pope Costumes
and Costume Accessories

Nun & Priest Costume

          Nun, priest and pope costumes and costume accessories for the best party the convent has ever thrown. Priest costumes and nun costumes are always a masquerade favorite. But now even the Pope can join in all the way from the vatican. With a Pope hat in hand the Pope mobile rolls on.
    Don't wear your conscience on your shoulders. Take that daily battle and become the forces of good and evil. The angels and devils tugging at those sinful temptations within us all. Reverent priests, nuns maybe even the Pope would enjoy a visit from a sexy little devil now and then. Don't worry there's plenty of room in the confessional for everyone, just take a number.

Pope Costume

Deluxe Pope Costume

Pope Costume (435L) $62

Deluxe Pope Hat (6430) $22

Cardinal (434L) $87

Glasses $3

Lg. Cross $4

Plus Size Nun Costume
and Priest Costumes

Plus Nun (52716) $32

Plus Priest (52717) $29

Priest Costumes

Nun Costume

Nun & Priest

Nun Costume
(6009) $29

Priest Costume
(6029) $29

Padre Hat
Sold Separately
One Size
(285) $9

Large Crosses
Large Gold (30019) $3

Large Silver (30017) $4

Large Black (30018) $4

Large Glow (7203) $5

Small Gold, 5" metal (28147) $3

Nun Better Than A
Flying Nun Costume

    This one looks very familiar. Where have I seen it before? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Sister "whats her name".
Includes: Gown, Hood & Winged Whipple

Sister Sally (53223) $34

Nun Costumes

Party Weekend at
the Monastery

Economy Monk
(5026) $21

Economy Black
Hooded Robe

(8506) $18

Brown Monk
(6008) $32

Black Monk
(6007) $32

Monk Costumes

Angel in the Centerfold

    Long white gown, silver tinsel halo and golden wrap belt. Angelic influence for the christmas season or any other time of year.
One Size Only (6477) $44

Angel Costumes

Angel Wings

Teen Angel

Sexy Angel, Gown, Halo & Belt
(6478) $38

White Tights
(6118W) $9

White Fishnets
S/M (P600SW) $8

M/L (P600LW) $8

White Fishnets, Lycra
S/M (P702SW) $12

M/L (P702LW) $12

White Thi-Hi, Seamed Hose
S/M (T3096SW) $16

M/L (T3096LW) $16

Glow in the Dark Halo
(170) $17

Deluxe Halo, Marabou Feather
White (53319) $8

Blk. (54101) $8

Pink (54398) $8

Halo, tinsel
(6939) $3

     Angelic Halos

Angel Halos

Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Angel Kit, wings & tinsel halo
(5117) $12

Lg. Angel Wings, Chiffon
(6576) $16

Deluxe Angel Wings

Med. Feather Angel Wings
White (300W) $68

Black (300B) $68

Infant sized to large
adult by special order.

Deluxe Chiffon Angel Wings
Marabou Feather Trim
(53659) $12

Set w/ Marabou Feather Halo
(52039) $16

Angel Wings

Priest Costumes

The Devil Made Me Do It

Standard Devil Set, Horns & Tail
(6105) $6

Glitter Devil Set, Horns, Tie & Tail

Deluxe Devil Set, Horns, Tie & Tail
(8201D) $14

Pitchfork, 24" (7027) $2

Sequin Pitchfork, 24" (8222) $4

Sequin Devil Horns
(70612) $4

Sequin Devil Tail
(80416) $5

Devilicious Wig
(1963) $11

Red Tights
(6118R) $9

Red Fishnets
S/M (P600SR) $6

M/L (P600LR) $6

Red Fishnets, Lycra
S/M (P702SR) $12

S/M (P702SR) $12

Red Flame Pantyhose
(43018) $8

     Devil Wigs

Devil Wigs

Fire Wig

Fire Wig

A totally devilish wig that seems abit
hot around the collar. Firey red flames
leap from a charcoal black heart.
(554) $14

Hell Bent Honey
Marabou trimmed flaming top and
skirt w/ trimmed arm mitts and a
temporary navel tattoo.
Wig Not Included.

(30046M) Size (10-12) $34

Blk. Fishnet Pantyhose
Black S/M (P600SB) $6

Black M/L (P600LB) $6

Blk. Fishnet Pantyhose w/ Lycra
Black S/M (P702SB) $12

Black M/L (P702LB) $12

Seamed Thi-Hi
Black S/M (T3096SB) $14

Black M/L (T3096LB) $14

     Hell Bent Devil

Devil Woman

Flame Wig

Flame Wig

Hot Head
(54263) $14

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