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  Santa's Little Helpers

    For Santa's big night he needs lots of help. All of Santa's Little Helpers pitch in where ever needed. Not just Santa's Elves lend a hand but a full array of helping hands. Santa's elves call on all the local animals to fill those last minute orders too. Together all of Santa's little helpers get the job done just in the nick of time.

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus Deluxe red velvet costume w/ luxurious white plush trim. Comfortable zippered back on a full length dress. Mrs. Claus costume includes a satin apron w/ lace trim and mop style hat.

Sizes 9-11 (7051A) $180

Sizes 12-14 (7051B) $180

Sizes 16-18 (7056) $205

Sizes 20-24 (7058) $235

Mrs. Claus Wig
  Mrs. Claus Costumes


Mrs. Claus Wig
(1160) $27

Mrs. Claus Wig

Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig
Deluxe White upsweep with nice side curls.
(52016) $36

One piece dress, red corduroy,
plush trim, hat, white vinyl belt,
white vinyl boot tops with plush
cuffs. Matches Santa Suit #8891.

Sizes 9-11 (8852A) $74

Sizes 12-14 (8852B) $74

Santa Suits


Perky Pixie
   One piece mini-dress, red corduroy,
V-neckline. Matches Santa Suit #8891.

Sizes 9-11 (8053A) $74

Sizes 12-14 (8053B) $74

Economy Elf
Durable cloth tunic, hat
and sash, one size

(6028ELF) $20

Santa Suits


Deluxe Elf
One piece heavy green and red felt
tunic, hat with bell and vinyl belt.
(31100) $49

Pixie Dust
Foil Confetti (20550) $3

Velvet Pixie
  Our best selling perky pixie in a fine
rich velvet. Cozy sizes for a great fit.
And don't forget the matching cape
and muff set
for a little extra christmas
warmth. Velvet mini dress includes white
eyelet belt and snowball pom-pom hat.
Size 4/6 (7054A) $165

Size 8/10 (7054B) $165

Size 12/14 (7054C) $165

Cape & Muff Set Full cape w/ accented
hood, pom-poms and wiggly warm satin lined
long plush muff ready for caroling.
(7059C) $120

Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Elf Hats

Elf Hats
Green & Red Elf Hat
Heavy felt with bell.
(17374) $5

Del. White Nylon Santa Gloves
(9940) $7

Santa Gloves
White Knit Santa Gloves
Med. (9930) $4

Santa Gloves


Santa Glasses

Classic Square
Santa Glasses (7030) $3

Oval Glasses (7031) $3

Round Glasses (7032) $3

Solid Tights, Fit most adults
Green (5644G) $7

Red (5644R) $7

Red & White Stripe Long Socks
(25088) $5

Green and Red Tights


Deluxe latex elf shoes
Green (23GR) $14

Red (23RD) $14

Green Satin Elf Shoes
(1100) $9

White Fishnets
S/M (P600SW) $5

M/L (P600LW) $5

White Fishnets, Lycra
S/M (P702SW) $10

S/M (P702LW) $10

White Thi-Hi, Seamed Hose
S/M (T3096SW) $12

M/L (T3096LW) $12

Green and Red Tights


Red Fishnets
S/M (P600SR) $5

M/L (P600LR) $5

Red Fishnets, Lycra
S/M (P702SR) $10

M/L (P702LR) $10

rudolf the red nose reindeer

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

An assortment of reindeer noses for those chilly work nights.

Rudolph's Red Nose
Lights Up!!
(51485) $5

Foam Reindeer Noses
Blk. (25234) $2

Red (25233) $2

Rudolph antlers
(6255) $6

Brown felt antlers
with holly accent

(16415) $5

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